The joy of making T-shirt and Memory quilts is no two are the same. It is fun seeing the quilt come together reflecting the personality of the recipient.  Each project is a new adventure. 

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T Shirt Quilts

While I can make a grid quilt with a single size block, I prefer a collage-type design that is unique to your items. Any fabric item can be incorporated into your quilt -- jeans, sweats, sports jerseys, favorite PJs, baby clothes, scout badges-- if I can sew through it let's put it in there! Disclaimer: Your quilt will only be as washable as the items in it.

Made To Last

I will create a beautiful, durable and professionally quilted memory that will last for years to come.  The all-over quilting makes for a useable and washable quilt. Bindings are double folded and finished by hand.  These are not flimsy, tied-in-the-corner quilts that stretch and fall apart. My quilts have survived sleepovers, campouts, soccer games, months in the back of a Jeep, even the college dorm!!

Daddy's Memory Quilts

A custom made-to-order memory quilt made with daddy’s or grandpa's shirts. The Big Star and Hunter's Star patterns are the perfect setting for the tiny stripes and plaids. Background color options are endless. 

Not Just For Babies

Not only is this a perfect baby gift, it makes a wonderful memory quilt or retirement gift. Choose a clothing piece from each of the grandchildren to make an unforgettable gift for the grandparents. Retirement? A great gift for the retiree! Trade in those office shirts for something cozy. Not just men's shirts -- Gather cotton garments from mom or Grandma's wardrobe to make a beautiful memory.