Frequently Asked Questions

Lynne Ellen Small Batch Stitchery. Custom quilts, memory quilts, T Shirt quilts, pillows, aprons.

How many T shirts do I need?

It depends on the finished size. For example, 5 T shirts will not create a twin size quilt.   As design sizes vary, so will the blocks and size of your quilt.  Refer to the Price List for more information.

Should I wash my shirts?

Yes, please wash all the items with NO FABRIC SOFTENER. Set in stains? They will become part of the quilt story.

Will it help if I cut my shirts?

No, actually this can make my job more difficult and may make some of your items unusable.

What happens to the leftovers?

I do not return them unless you request. Additional shipping charges will apply. The remnants are put to good use.

How soon will i have my quilt?

Custom items take time. I am particular about the design, materials, and finishing touches on each project. Contact me for current delivery times.

My dog chewed my favorite blanket! Can you put it back together?

Maybe I can. If it's too far gone let's make a pillow, tote bag, wall hanging, or table runner.

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